[Image description: Brendan and Coach McGuirk from the animated series “Home Movies,” sitting on a bench at the soccer field.  Image found here.]

I decided it was time for another Home Movies marathon.  I do this a couple times a year anyway, since it’s one of my favorite shows ever, but I first saw the final season about five years ago exactly, during the fall quarter before I started dating Chris.  So I like to do this around this time of year anyway, just as a personal tradition.

The evolution of the show from season to season is very interesting, and I think it echoes the evolution of many webcomics.  I adore the commentaries that the creators of this show recorded for the DVDs, too, and they’re so entertaining that they’ve really spoiled me when it comes to commentaries for other shows I own on DVD.  (Dollhouse, I’m lookin’ at you.  Only 5 commentaries out of 27 episodes.)

And suddenly I’ve remembered that Loren Bouchard is now running a new show on Fox, Bob’s Burgers.  We caught an episode of it a few months ago by accident, and I meant to check it out on Hulu, but never did!  I must make myself a reminder to watch that at some point.


[Image description: An illustration title card for the Nostalgia Critic’s review of Moulin Rouge.  Satine is wearing the Critic’s hat, tie, and jacket with her garter, stockings, and heels.]

DAMN.  I think this is one of the best reviews of all time on the entire site.

Click through to watch it! :D

[Art by Marobot]


[Image Description: A black and white photograph of a light-skinned fat woman from the side, draped in white fabric.  She has dark hair with wavy locks around her face and she looks over her shoulder at the viewer.]

Ghost in the Darkness by *Gwenyth-photos

I’m now off to bed!  But before I go, I’ve dumped some more lovely fat art that I’ve collected on DA recently into my queue.  Enjoy the fattery this afternoon!

Now I’m freeeeee as a biiiiiiiiird

After my pre- and post-Black Friday sprints at work, I now have a mid-week-weekend of three nights off in a row! ^_^  My joints certainly feel like they’ve earned it.  I worked a few full backroom shifts, and with all that ladder climbing while holding heavy boxes, it’s definitely the most physically demanding task in the store.  It also tends to me the most monotonous, too.  Time can really drag!

But I’m VERY happy that over the last couple weeks, bit by bit, I’ve now got a rough feel for what I’m going to do for issue #1 of The Hues.  There are lots of worldbuilding details I still need to flesh out first, which will entail some research of various apocalypse scenarios.  (Mostly, this is a good excuse/oppurtunity to watch Life After People.)

I’ve been reading Codename: Sailor V over the last week or two as well, and I found that there’s a pretty shockingly fat-shaming chapter in the second volume!  I might devote a whole post about this chapter later on, but basically, an enemy of Sailor V gets the civilian population addicted to “Rainbow Chocolate,” which makes everyone gain weight.  Then, in order to suck out their energy for their evil nefarious purposes, they advertise a weight-loss spa that really just tricks people into thinking they’re getting thinner by using funhouse mirrors.

Oh, Naoko-sama.  I heart you, but I hope your views on the fatties have matured a bit since the early 90s.  ^_^;;


[Image description: A colorful depiction of the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as humans.  Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy are all depicted as women of color, and Pinkie Pie is chubby.]


Full pony group!

Diverse human ponies = instant reblog.


[Image description: a webcam photo of Alex throwing her hands up in the air with a comically frustrated expression.]


Ever since I updated the software, the damn Logitech photo booth program slows to a crawl, and I couldn’t even color-correct this photo to hide the fact that I live in a dark cave with blackout curtains and yellowed lampshades.

I was going to take a bored picture and post about how it’s early on a Saturday morning and thus the internet is not a very active place and I was feeling lonesome, BUT NOW YOU GET THIS INSTEAD.

Feel my wrath, Logitech.