Here we go again!  Here’s Scarlett all inked up with colors and some spot highlighting this time.  I’m not sure if I’ll work on this any farther, but I like how the inks turned out.  Man, that bow and arrow took FOREVER.

Now I can go back to MORE PONIES!


I wore my Birthday Bash dress to Penguicon last month, so it’s been featured in several of my comics about the convention.  There’s an official OOTD in the works– I’ve got it inked, I just need to apply the colors, but here’s a preview!

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Went ahead and redrew this piece from 2001.  Don’t know if I’ll get around to coloring it, so here it is all sketchy!


  • Tweaked the pose in places to be more natural.  It may have lost some of the dynamicness of the original, what do you think?
  • She’s now cocking the arrow as opposed to… whatever she was doing before. She’s also holding the bow and arrow with the correct hands. (She’s right-handed.)
  • Body proportions are… in proportion.
  • Her body shape is more like what I picture in my head.
  • Also I have an art degree this time around. :B

Old version:




First things first. For those of you who swear by the pink dress, yes, there’s a version for you as well:

…Aaaaand moving on. So Prince Philip does specifically and emphatically say “this is the 14th century!” at some point during the film, but Philip’s an idiot (a handsome, handsome idiot) and I, never afraid to ignore source material, ignored him.

Oddly enough Philip’s clothing is a better point of reference than Aurora’s (since the hourglass, off-the-shoulder cut of her dress is straight out of the 1950’s), and there are far more examples of his get-up from the 1460’s onward than in the 14th century. I went with my gut and ended up with something around 1485- a little later than one might expect, but it’s such a (beautifully) stylized film that all bets are off.


This whole series is awesome.  Click through to her DA and check out the rest of the princesses!

My Little Pony Flash Game: Voice Casting Call

My Little Pony Flash Game: Voice Casting Call


It’s been a little over 6 months since I broke up with Deviantart, and I think I’m a little less bitter.  I’ve been thinking in the back of my head about starting anew with a fresh DA gallery, but it seems that my account was closed prior to a Very Important Date, so I can’t get my alexheberling username back.


I guess I could re-register with alex-heberling or something like that.


I don’t entirely hate this one. It’s a picture of Hue Scarlett, from the Hues, my previously-mentioned magical girl fiction project.  I should redo this picture with my current skills.

That’s it for the stuff from 2001!  Maybe in another year, I’ll look through the stuff from 2002. ^_^;;


Aw yeah, it’s 10-year-old Gundam Wing fanart!

I had a brief crush on Heero (top center) at the time. Of course, I hadn’t really seen that much of the show at that point, but that didn’t mattter.