Yesterday on reddit, there was a question in AskReddit about “What would $1000 mean to you?"  A lot of the answers were "pay down some debt,” “x months of rent,” and the like.  For me, when I gave it some thought, it’s either 4 months of rent, or something really cool for my business.  Probably a bitchin’ new computer, or maybe even a Cintiq.

So then I went on Wacom’s website to drool over Cintiqs and I watched this product video.  Dammit, this is like porn.  I’m actually drooling a little.

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This was such a great question, and my response ended up being so long, that I thought I should share it here, too. ^_^

Ginpu asked:

As a convention-ee (one behind the table at a convention) what items do you find necessary to bring to a convention? (Display items, merchandise & freebies) As a con-goer, what items do you want to see from convention-ees?

Displays: Wire cube grids are just about the best things you can buy for your table if you’re on a budget.  They’re infinitely customizable if you buy multiple sets, and they’ve served me well over the years.  You can get them just about anywhere for $15-30.  Target has them on sale for closer to $15 a couple times a year.

Merchandise: Having things in all three tiers of pricing (cheap-moderate-pricy) is a good idea.  I have little things like buttons and Dollar Drawings in the cheap tier, prints and short comics in the middle range, and graphic novels, originals, commissions, etc. in the big range.  What dollar amounts those ranges cover is an individual matter; I tend to think of them as “Under $5,” “$5-$20,” and “Over $20” but some peoples ranges start the big ticket range at more like $50 or more.  Also, have some stuff that doesn’t relate to your comic so you can take money from teenagers and casual passersby.  My Pokemon gym badge buttons sell very well in this regard, but have all hell to do with my artwork.

Freebies: Usually, my only freebies are business cards and flyers, but I’ve also got a supply of stickers that I got from Glass City Con, the convention I do artwork for, which I give away for free, since it’s difficult to sell a fat, balding, bearded man in a sailor school uniform.  Many people mistake him for Sailor Bubba; I stopped correcting them awhile ago. ^_^;;  One year at ConnectiCon, I also made temorary tattoos of Garanos’ symbol using special tattoo printer paper I found at the craft store, and those went over pretty well.

I so rarely go to conventions as just an attendee anymore, so I don’t tend to go looking for anything specific, unless a creator I love is going to have a new book there or something.  If something unusual and awesome catches my eye, though, I will buy it; for example, I once had neighbors at a convention that sold glassware with vinyl decals in the shapes of Sailor Moon and other figures like that, so I bought a Sailor Moon shotglass from them.