[Image: Pixel art of No-Face getting ready to eat a feast of fish, pancakes, donuts, and ice cream.]

True story: when my mom saw Spirited Away with me in the theater, she came around to anime and didn’t think I was so weird anymore. ^_^


[Image: A color illustration of Hannah, redheaded and lanky, sitting with her knees to her chest and ankles crossed; Sami, brown-skinned and petite in oversized clothing, sitting cross-legged; and Andrea, chubby and auburn-haired, sitting  with her leg curled underneath her.  They look towards the viewer looking slightly uncertain.]

SAH Sitting by *alex-heberling

Sami, Hannah, and Andy are the first three girls we’re going to meet in The Hues.

I will inevitably get things like “Burger King Kids’ Club” shouted at me for my character designs for this comic, but IDGAF.  I hope that every girl will be able to see some part of themselves in my comic. :x

Compatibility Issues

Tonight at the local cartoonist’s meetup, I drew a really nice picture of Sami, Andrea, and Hannah that I will probably end up using a lot for promotion of the Hues once I get it rolling.

The only complaints I have about my new computer are the compatibility issues!

My printer is not compatible with Windows 7, so I have it hooked up to my old computer, which will be my printing station for the foreseeable future.

My scanner can’t communicate with my computer for some unknown reason, so anything I need to scan has to be done through either my old computer or my laptop. (So far, the laptop wins because it’s small and more convenient than the old PC.)

And the wonderful Photoshop plugin, BPELT, which I’ve been using for years in Windows XP, doesn’t seem to want to work with my new computer, either. ;_;  There’s a free 64-bit version of MultiFill for Win7, but the 64-bit Flatten plugin comes with a $100 fee, and Flatten is by far the more important and time-saving half of BPELT for me.  Ouch.

Why can’t it all just workkkkkkkkk.


[Image: Chris dancing with anthropomorphized veggie protein: natto, chickpea, beans, tofu, seitan, tempeh, lentils, almond, and peanut.  Text says “DON’T NEED NO STINKIN MEAT.”]

Chris pointed out that only one of my sushi buttons is vegetarian, so I have now obliged with anthropomorphized vegetable proteins.

From left: Natto, chickpeas, beans, tofu, seitan, tempeh, lentils, almonds, and peanuts


Well, my foot didn’t totally die today at work.  If I walk slow enough, I can pretty much avoid the stabbing pain in my heel, though I caught myself absentmindedly walking at my usual pace several times throughout the day.  I’ve got to conserve my efforts and not overexert my foot so I can make it through this entire week of work and hopefully not have to call off because my plantar fascia is stabbing me. ;_;

I think the reason the wings on the Crystal Power wands were different colors was because of the background colors. They were reflecting the colors off the white wings. (:

After analyzing the GIF some more, I came to that conclusion, too.  Though if it’s the lighting casting colored shadows on the wings, then I’d think that the shadows on each girls’ hands would be tinted the background color as well, but they aren’t.

So I think I’m going to interpret it as the wings being very subtle pastel colors. :)


[Image: an animated GIF of the Inner Senshi’s various transformation pens/wands in order of season/senshi.]

Wow! I never noticed how the wings on the Crystal Power wands were different colors for each character.  I always assumed they were all white…?