Me onstage during Super Art Fight at ConnectiCon 2011.  This is my second Art Fight, and I participated in the first ever ROYAL RUMBLE with 12 other artists. Sadly, I only lasted one round. Next time, Gadget, next time.

I’m wearing Lane Bryant. :3

(Photo by Rick Mantell)


And now for my favorite Minecraft/My Little Pony crossover I have ever drawn (which is to say, the only one) we have My Little Creeper: Friendship is Tragic!

Chris and I came up with some alternate lyrics for the theme song (I used to wonder what friendship could be/Until you all made it tragic for me… …Explosions make it all complete!) but alas, we weren’t able to rewrite the whole thing.

Sold this for five dolla. :D


So, around two years ago, I made badges of the various village symbols from Naruto, in order to take money from teenagers, which is one of my favorite pastimes.  Well, naturally, the popularity of Naruto waned, and so I discontinued the buttons, and put whatever I had left into my clearance bowl for 25 cents apiece.

These damn Rock Village badges have followed me around ever since.  I still had a handful left, and, realizing I had a white Pentel paint pen with me, I decided to draw on them to make them into… a pair of shoes, a dog, a cow, a Christmas tree, and a turtle.  (The unaltered button is the one on the right.)  Aaaaand some people actually bought a couple of them after I did this.

Then again, a kid bought the last unaltered button and she was disappointed that I’d drawn on the rest of them.


I’m back from ConnectiCon!  Unfortunately, my camera died after Acen, so I wasn’t able to take my usual pictures of my table setup, but I did take a couple of amusing pictures with my camera phone.

Also, I found out that Virgin Mobile will put a watermark on any photos you send to someone via MyPix.  But luckily, MyPix is shutting down soon, so hopefully that wont be a thing.

Anyway, have a Jack Sparrow commission I did on Saturday.


Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are done!  I’m very pleased with RD’s haircut.  I curled Pinkie’s hair with cut up plastic drinking straws, then gave her a trim once I unfurled her coiffure.