What’s this?? Why, it is what is about to become the first piece of FYASO merchandise!

This design is going to be screenprinted onto canvas tote bags by yours truly! If it turns out well, I’ll hopefully be making a bunch more to sell online! If, of course, people are interested.

What do you think? :)

Cool!  Depending on how big the tote bag is, I’ll think about buying one. :)



Fan-made Wonder Woman Trailer Gives A Glimpse at Cinematic Amazon Who Channels Rambo

Since the chances of Wonder Woman appearing anywhere except comics and games seems unlikely at the moment, here’s a fan made trailer for a movie that we know won’t get made. 

Created and conceived by film creator Jesse V. Johnson it features a Wonder Woman who hits, punches, kicks and machine guns a bunch of Nazis.

It’s fun even it does boil Wonder Woman down to one woman army a la Rambo. Still it’s nice to think someone believes a Wonder Woman movie could be awesome. Also avoid the comments at the source; they only help reinforce what I wrote this morning.