i love how the poe dameron fandom is like *chinhands* at all times and all the headcanons are about how wonderful he is

i heard poe dameron never kills a bug, he catches them and releases them into the wild and checks on them later

i heard poe dameron knows the number of every single droid at the resistance base and always asks how they’re doing

i heard poe dameron learned the favorite song of every person in his barracks and sings for someone different every morning while they’re all getting ready for breakfast

i heard poe dameron has had the same bb droid since he was born because he would never hurt the droid’s feelings by selling it

i heard poe dameron calls himself the best pilot int the galaxy but always gives credit for successful missions to the rest of his team

i heard poe dameron will stay up all night listening to someone else’s problems even if he just got back from a mission and hasn’t slept in days

i heard poe dameron always waits to hear everyone else’s opinion before expressing his own 

I heard poe dameron gives his belongings away to anyone who needs them

i heard poe dameron got a stormtrooper to defect and rescue him and then gave the stormtrooper a name

that’s why his hair is so big. it’s full of kindness.

Okay, I need this in a Mean Girls montage like yesterday.

“Poe Dameron is flawless.


So I got hit with the LJ nostalgia hammer this evening, which is closely related to the SEC nostalgia club.  Did some internet archaeology and maybe followed a few old members on Twitter and Tumblr. So if you’re one of those, checking out who this rando is, hi.  I’m Sailor Mew.



This is the no homo-iest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Back during my Target years, I remember setting up the Valentine’s candy section and there was this one little area of chocolates packaged and labeled for bros to give to their bros.  I wish I could remember what they said so I could google them, but it was definitely something similar to this.