[Image: Webcam photo of Alex against a beige wall holding ponies up next to her face, looking towards the top-right.]

My Bucket O’ Ponies has made for a good conversation starter.

I’m looking for a picture of an Indian American teen for publishing in our magazine, India Currents. Would you allow us permission to use the Sami sketch?

Since I can’t answer anonymous questions privately, this’ll have to go here!

I’ll need to know more information about the publication and how you want to use my image first.  You’re welcome to send me an email at alexheberling at gmail.com.

FYI, I’m going to be out of town from May 24th-29th, so I may not have time to reply until next week.


The new Body Love Buttons are now in stock!  Click through to see this set, as well as the previous set of BLBs.  You can buy them in packs of five, or mix and match to your heart’s content. <3

I will have these for sale in the Dealer’s Room at WisCon this weekend, as well as the other items in my online store!

(And I’m also taking slogan suggestions for the next series. I have a few ideas already, but it’d be awesome to hear from others, too!)


[Image: Five button designs in tattoo-inspired script/designs reading: Death Fat, Fat Butch, Rack of Doom, Fat Femme, and Fat Life.]

I’ve finally completed the second series of Body Love Buttons!  These are tattoo-inspired, and I will have them for sale at WisCon this weekend. ^_^

I’m going to sleep on these designs and look at them with fresh eyes tomorrow before I start assembling them, and then I’ll soon add them to my online store for purchase.