Here’s the piggy bank I’m transforming into Hyacinth, the ballerina hippopotamus from Fantasia.  I sculpted her snout and cheeks this morning, so she’s ready to start painting.  I draped some of the material that will become her tutu over her as well!

I’ve got a lot of sculpting and painting projects tonight. :D


Marvel, we need to talk.

I came across some of your toys last night at work, and I found this. You need to fire both the designer of this packaging and the art director that OK’d it.

YOU ARE MARVEL COMICS. What the fuck is Comic Sans doing on your packaging?!



Words to express and  words to conceal. 

To create a dream or describe the real. 

Words to engage and words to reject. 

To be in agreement or to curtly correct.

Words to make love and words to make war. 

To hide what we know or share what we saw. 

Words meant to sooth and words meant to fight. 

To darken a day or lighten a night.

They’ve no life of their own or are worth e’en a cent, 

But that which we give them with certain intent. 

To use them with care with our own inner light 

Whenever we use them to speak or to write 

Is a goal for all people, but one hard to achieve- 

When internal impulses appear on our sleeve.

Words are forever and words can be lost. 

They seem to be free but can carry a cost. 

Knowing and caring are two different things- 

As is being aware of what words can bring.

Words can sing and words can cry- 

To express our deep feelings or reject and deny. 

How we use them defines our own way 

To all those who read or hear what we say.



Outfit from April 9, 2011

Dress: Domino Dollhouse sz. 22
Necklace: Paperelle @ Etsy
Sandals: Avenue sz. 11

This dress was almost sold out by the time I ordered it (as my birthday present to myself!) so it’s a size smaller than I would have liked to get.  Hence, it cinches my torso in quite a bit!  I simply couldn’t resist it’s cupcakey wiles.

I’m super excited about my Strawberry Dress!  I can’t wait to draw it.  I’m hoping it will come in time to wear it to a wedding I’m going to the first weekend in October. ^_^

As always, your model is 5’7" and 265 lbs.