Sailor Failures: Ok, what do you think their transformations would feel like?


Ok, what do you think their transformations would feel like?

I subscribe to the theory that their transformations only take a few seconds, and what we see is only for show, so…

You know when you see something so cool and awesome and awe-inspiring it gives you chills? That’s what Mercury’s would…

I think Mercury’s feels kinda like carbonation, like when you drink a really cold soda.

Venus’s feels like an orgasm like when the curtain goes up in front of a huge crowd. But probably more like an orgasm.

Like Saturn’s, I think Pluto’s probably isn’t too pleasant either.  I think of it as being like the last second of holding your breath when you’re swimming to the surface and you’re not sure you’re going to make it and then that rush of adrenaline when you finally break the surface and can breathe again.

That’s exactly what I was thinking of for Pluto as well!  Like you’ve been holding your breath for awhile and just as the transformation finishes, you exhale and start breathing again.

Female Body Type Image Gallery

Female Body Type Image Gallery


[Images: Two screencaps of Queen Nehelenia from Sailor Moon. In one, she is standing in front of her mirror, and in the second, she is walking across a bridge/platform away from it.]

Queen Nehelenia = sexiest SM villian.


[Image: A screencap of Photoshop with all the menus hidden.  On the canvas is a sketch of a comic panel: a girl is hunched over a desk with a laptop on it, writing in a notebook.]

Paths are totally great for working out perspective. #PROTIP


[Image: A screenshot of Photoshop of a sketchy woman in sunglasses giving a WTF expression.]


ETA: Maaaaaan I just realized Lauren is totally channeling Hipster Ariel!


[Image: A cartoon of Legolas holding up a piece of lembas bread while Haldir is OM NOM NOMMING lembas behind him.

Legolas: One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man!]

A comic I drew for my sister to give to a friend of ours. Apparently this was something funny they came up with while waiting for The Hobbit to start.