now THIS is an ally

Awe dude his sister died last year and she was gay.

And he had this huge mass wedding party to honor her.

And he called a bunch of celebrity chefs to make the food for it.

Wow this is… really cute?

I’m… sympathizing with Guy Fieri?

(And he did 101 gay weddings because he was trying to compare the Attorney General against marriage equality to Cruella DeVille, like, 101 dalmations.)


Come to think of it I never actually found a single reason to dislike him. To my knowledge he’s just a goofball who likes food.

Okay, so as far as I can tell, the whole thing people kinda roll their eyes about is Guy Fierei’s whole presentation. He’s loud and he’s got the bleached hair and he kinda seems like the annoying frat bro chanting “Shots!” at a party. 


Dude’s biggest show on TV is one where he drives around and highlights tiny restaurants that make good food. (And they do- I found my favorite pizza place in town because it was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.) And they’re all little places, usually run by family or something, making food they love. So he’s doing an amazingly awesome thing for these small restaurants, driving a lot of business to them. I found this article that’s talking about how places see a definite bump in sales, and they can even tell when a repeat airs, because they’ll still get emails and stuff. 

And there’s the fact that every time he goes out to film an episode, he invites a kid along from the Make-a-Wish foundation– actually, he invites their whole family, so no one feels left out. Apparently, that happens on all his shows, which is pretty amazing. Again, this is because of his sister- she was diagnosed with cancer as a kid, and beat it, though she died of melanoma a few years ago. So because he went through that as a kid, he does a lot to help out families who are dealing with that sort of thing. It’s pretty awesome.

I admit it, I’ve made fun of him before, because he does have that whole attitude that kinda grates. But when you put that aside, he’s a dude who’s enjoying himself, helping out a lot of people, and talking a lot about food he thinks is delicious. So good for him. There’s worse things in the world.

I have always and will always love guy.
he’s such a big goof…what’s not to love…

Y’all Guy is wonderful. He got his start on Next Food Network Star and I remember that season very vividly. I saw it as a kid. He just wants people to have fun while they eat. That’s literally his only goal. There was a challenge where they had to make cupcakes for 5 year olds and everyone made these boring ass cupcakes like ‘Oh they’re decorated like the 4 seasons see its educational’ and they were criminally dull. The only thing that was changed was the frosting. And Guy comes up and starts making all these crazily shaped sushi cupcakes. Like cutting them into goofy shapes, making them bite sized, modeling them after dragons and stuff, it was so cool and the kids were EXCITED. He gets what makes thing fun on a fundamental, basic level. He’s not a douchebag frat boy. He’s that crazy uncle you were always excited to see at family gatherings.

Go watch Guy’s Grocery Games. Its on Hulu. He’s so goofy and fun and he’s just as excited for the winners as the winners themselves. The show really makes me happy to watch.

Y’all I joke on Guy Fieri but he geninely is an amazing motherfucker.



Watch: This awesome dad set up a free hair-school for men so that dads could learn to do their daughters’ hair, too

Also paramount? Remembering what’s important: quality time with his daughter. His tagline, which he often repeats, is, “It’s about the braid; it’s about the bond.” Based on the way he speaks to other fathers, you can tell this isn’t just another low-bar dad.

Gifs: 60 Second Docs


So, I decided to have a conversation on twitter between Dumbldore and McGonagall and a few thousand likes later, I put it here:



Dumbledore: Minerva, I had a relationship with another man once but I never talk about because it ended poorly. 

McGonagall: Who? 

D: Grindelwald 

M: No, I don’t remember hearing about that. 

D: We didn’t really talk about it then, either. 

M: Albus, did Grindelwald know? 

D: Unclear

D: It was the defining relationship of my life. I would never love again. 

M: It sounds like you didn’t love then. 

D: we had an understanding. 

M: That you never discussed with him? It sounds like what you had was a crush.

D: Anyway, I was sitting outside Grindelwald’s window one night– 

M: Come again. 

D: I think he knew I was there. He sensed it. 

M: Albus, what you’re describing is stalking. 

D: We had a bond 

M: You shouldn’t tell anyone else this story. 

D: Hmmm

D: Minerva, surely you understand why I’ve held this back? 

M: I have my answer written on a card, but I doubt your answer will match. 

D: I was in love with a monster! 

M: I’ve dated 2 evil wizards, an evil witch in college, and 2 actual literal monsters Albus.

D: You dated a witch, Minerva? 

M: Several Albus, only one evil one though. Not so many lesbians are for enslaving others based on biological differences. 

D: Evil witches and wizards? But you’re the head of Gryffindor! 

M: I didn’t say I was going to marry them, Albus!

D: But…I had to defeat him in a duel! 

M: You think I’ve never dueled someone I slept with Albus? It’s part of life when you live as long as we do. 

D: Slept with!? Minerva, I never slept with Grindelwald! Outside his window, sure. 

M: It troubles me that you don’t know that’s bad

M: Albus, you should get back out there. Meet other adult gay men. 

D: Minerva, I don’t say that word out loud! 

M: You say Voldemort all the time, but gay is right out. 

D: What would the children think? 

M: They’d probably be inspired. Did you know one of our students is Jewish?

M: Seriously, Albus, go find yourself a nice Hufflepuff bear. Hufflepuffs always make sure you’re taken care of. 

A: But Minerva, I’m a Gryffindor! 

M: You don’t know anything, Albus. There’s no such thing as a pleasant hookup between two Gryffindors, it’s marriage or death

D: I don’t think I’m ready. 

M: You’ve had a century, Albus. Have you considered you might be asexual? Maybe even homoromantic asexual? You know sexuality and romance or more complicated than just straight or gay.

D: Nope, definitely gay. Plain ol’ gay.

M: But you never stop talking and this has never come up. Then give us any textual proof! Hatef&$÷ a Slytherin for all I care!

LOL just.. LOL





boring & disrespectful: “oh, i can’t survive without my morning coffee”, “energy drink makes it so that i can get through my boring work”, and so on

living properly: treating caffeinated beverages like very mysterious & powerful magical potions that can give us unforeseen abilities

drink 15 cups of coffee in a day and you can clip through walls

me, approaching my local barista with trepidation and awe: potion seller. I am going into battle and I require your strongest potion.

potion seller: trenta macchiato plus five shots as usual, then?

me, extending my credit card with a trembling hand: fuck me up