I don’t really have a good place to display my fatshion art.  I’ve got them in a gallery on DA, but DA’s interface is terrible and I can’t tailor the user experience, so I started a new tumblr that’s going to be my fatshion art portfolio for the sake of the entire project.


I’m hoping to draw more OOTDs in the future.  The past year has done a number on me as far as fatshion goes, what with losing jobs, depression, being sick of my wardrobe, and generally not feeling like drawing attention to my body with my clothing and then drawing the results.

But hopefully soon I’ll be able to come back to my OOTDs.  For now, my previous OOTD arts will be popping up on that tumblr.


WHAAAAAAAAT I just reached 400 followers! ^_^

Welcome, new folks! This is probably a good time to introduce myself.  I’m Alex, and I’m a cartoonist.  I’m the writer and artist of The Hues, which is a series about post-apocalyptic magical girls and features a PoC as the main character (with more to follow in the future) and there’s magic and friendship and aliens.  TH has its own tumblr over here.  It can pretty much be summed up by Sailor Moon meets Independence Day.

I’m co-moderator of Fat People Art, along with @rosalarian.  I also have an art inspiration blog called Alex is Arting that you might want to peruse if you’re interested in art.  I reblog helpful tutorials, references, and other such fodder for creativity.

I’m currently working on the third chapter of The Hues full-time after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and I go to local and regional conventions to promote myself and sell my wares.  You can also commission me!

I’m @alexheberling on twitter, alex-heberling on DeviantArt, and my Facebook page is here.

I reblog whatever catches my interest; a mix of fandom, politics, awesome art, and whatever I’m working on at the moment.  Thanks for following me and welcome aboard!