[Image: Photo of a gorgeous babe wearing a denim jacket, black top, lightning galaxy leggings, and black boots.]


OOTD: Can’t even handle these thunder thighs

Jacket: Target, via my mom, XXL

Top: a really pilled-up off-shoulder top from Torrid by Twist Tees, 2X

Leggings: eBay, these, 3X

Boots: last season leather boots from Aldo, 11 (I’m normally a 10 but this toe box is tiny!)

Nails: Pantone Color of the Year Tangerine Tango creme

Necklace: Lovers tarot card with garnet, local shop

Bag (that you can’t really see): Rough Roses black leather bag with gold details

Looping GIF of the Nostalgia Chick staring into the camera entranced.


Looping animated GIF of Stephen Colbert holding out a hand and shouting "GIVE IT TO ME NOW".


[Images: Two animated GIFs of a white male comedian with brown hair and glasses speaking.  Captions read: “I see comedians making jokes about fat people being lazy, and I just think… ‘Well, they’re not as lazy as comedians who get easy laughs by picking on fat people.’”]





THIS for racial stereotypes, too!!!

Ooooooooh. Damn.

oh sheeee-it


Who is this man and will he be my internet boyfriend check yes or no okay thanks.


[Image: Two photos of a small illustration card of Super Sailor Moon done in ink and marker, embellished with glitter.]


Doodled up some Super Sailor Moon tonight. And then I glittered aaaall over it.

Super’s my favourite form. Dat bow, man, aw yissss.

I’m not used to drawing this small, and my shakey inkin’ hand was all, “oh, you want a line over here? But I think it looks better adhfahjgfafover heeeere”. I’ll just consider this a warm up for all the more adventurous/involved fanart I wanna do later.

Sooooo prettttyyyyyy…… ///OuO///


[Image: Photo of a tattoo of a blue octopus with a crank on its head holding a phonograph horn in one arm, with musical notes coming out of it. There are small bubbles all around and the entire tattoo is rendered in a sketchy drawing style.]


Lukas Musil, Prague




“Body acceptance” is the most terrifying two words I think I’ve heard any young person say. It essentially boils down to, “Extremely arrogant”. No, really, it does. To say to yourself, and the world, “My body is just absolutely fine as it is, it needs no work whatever, I am perfect. I am great” is so arrogant, it blows everything else out the water.

I’ve never met an athlete, or someone who does sports, who’s said: “You know what? That’s enough training. My body is great. That’s all the muscles I need.”

How terrifying is it that people out there are so complacent and scared of exercise that they’ll actually come up with a philosophy so they can say: “fuck it, fine as I am.”

I cannot imagine looking at myself and not wanting to keep an edge. I just can’t do it. How could you say, “Well, I did sweat as I walked up those stairs” and then follow up with, “Well I guess that’s fine.”


Body acceptance does not mean ” I give up”. Body acceptance does not mean “I’m never ever ever going to do anything to change my body again”. Body acceptance simply means that you accept your body. It’s right there in the name. Body acceptance means that you will love your body unconditionally, no matter the changes that occur. It’s not vanity, it’s not conceit and it’s not giving up. 

Body acceptance has nothing at all to do with exercise. Surprise, I accept my body and I still exercise. I don’t see why what another person chooses to do with their body is any of your concern and why it terrifies you so much. Thinking you can dictate how another person should feel about their body or treat their body is arrogance. 

So here’s what I’m thinking you REALLY meant to say ( Ya know, since we’re boiling stuff down) : How dare people be comfortable with themselves? Fat people are disgusting. How could they even try to stop hating themselves over not having a perfect body, even though these ideals are completely unrealistic and unobtainable? I do not realize that another persons body is none of my business. I do not care about your struggle and I think your acceptance of yourself is stupid even though it quite possibly has come out of years of mental abuse and degradation at the hands of a society that photoshops the men and women that are supposed to be “perfect”.