Hello everyone!!

Agents of the Realm Volumes 1 and 2 are live on Kickstarter until August 15th. If you’re new to the comic, continue below!

Agents of the Realm is a magical girl inspired webcomic series follows five young women who have just started college only to find out that they’re tasked with the job to protect both their realm and a sister dimension as well.

It’s not just a story about friendship, but finding the hidden power and strength that lies within.

There’s a carefully crafted world with rich mythology that explores the idea of corruption and the greed that comes with it.

And the kind of sincere awkwardness and strength that comes with forging bonds with people looking to travel a new road with you.

Also here are some very shameless showcasing of some of my favorite panels that I’ve done in the comic so far.

Aside from the two books, there’s still plenty of stretch goals to unlock, including two short stories centered around one of my favorite side characters – Mackenzie

And also the opportunity to provie not only a digital artbook but a physical one as well.

Please help me bring these stories to life. I’m incredibly excited to share more of the world with you and can’t wait to continue the adventure for you all to explore.

Head over to the Kickstarter today!

Thanks so much for your support!

26 Hours left!!!

if you’re not reading AOTR, you’re missing a great magical girl comic.