As an American I can confirm that this is 1776% true. Some places will even fine you for not eating fried chicken for a week


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Do foreigners not have this law??? Don’t you have McDonald’s too? You have to keep your Mickey’s card with you and scan it after you order so they know you got your mandatory ration.

My dad’s vegan, has been for almost a year, and is still on the run from the law.
I hope he comes home soon.

Oh my GOD do you people not research anything. This is not true.

Look, you can go to your local Agency of Meats and get an alternate card and not have to eat at McDonalds. You can go to Sonic if you’re in the South, or In and Out in CA.

If you’ve got medical and religious documentation you can even apply for a conscientious beef objector status and switch to
KFC or Popeye’s.

Seriously you people who can’t be bothered to do this are making it harder for everyone else.







“I’m looking for friends!” Loghain shouted.


I could hear the sirens now. “Will you explain everything to me later?”

Out of context, Life & Death sounds an awful lot like Texts from Last Night.

Inside the house, my parents did whatever banal, messy things people in the human world usually did, some of it loudly.

Thanks, Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer. 0_o

As described on the site, the blog came about due to the phenomenon in which a guy texts an inept sexual advance like “hey what’s your bra size :)” or “what would you do if you were here haha lol ;)” apropos of nothing, in order to the to hook up with someone.

“It’s like I’ve reached some weird place in my life where I don’t care what other people think of me.”

“Call the doctor.”



Been talking on twitter about how bullshit it is that queer creators often toil in obscurity and financial insecurity if they decide to make their work reflective of their lived queer existence, while one of the largest media companies in the world can put 3 seconds of gay subtext in a movie and get praised as groundbreaking and revolutionary and brave. It really hurts! So let’s do a roll call.

I’m Rosalarian. I’ve been making queer comics for 15 years. It’s a lot of sci-fi, adventure, humor, and sexiness. I have thousands of pages of comics, many of which you can read for free, but I really appreciate it when readers buy the books, even the ebooks, or support my patreon. This maintains my ability to create this work in the first place.

Queer creators making queer stuff, reblog and show us what you’ve got! Straight cis people, read this stuff if you wanna see how we really live.