[Images: A photoset of a Maine Coon kitten; brown with lighter brown and white tips.]


Introducing my adorable Maine Coon baby Special Agent Fox Mulder.
But you can just call him “Fox”!

<3<3<3 Isn’t he adorable?!

I was looking at the Maine Coon tag for drawing references and HFKSHFKSALSA WOOK AT THE WIDDLE KIDDEN.



I was visited by the Bacon Fairies here at Ba-Con, and they gave me a turkey-bacon-embedded pancake on a stick, which prompted me to remember my ultimate party idea:

Party on a Stick.

The idea would be that all the party food would have to be on a stick, or eaten with a stick. (Toothpicks permitted.)  Corn dogs, cake pops, rumaki, kabobs, anything; as long as a stick is involved, it’s allllll good.

Then I had an even better idea to expand the Party on a Stick–

Wedding on a Stick.

The bridal party on stilts.

That is all.



film about a group of men getting into shenanigans= “comedy”
film about a group of women getting into shenanigans= “chick flick”

film about a friendship between two men= “buddy flick”
film about a friendship between two women= “chick flick”

emotional film about father/son relationships= “drama” 
emotional film about mother/daughter relationships= “chick flick” 

film about a young man finding identity= “coming of age”
film about a young woman finding identity= “chick flick”


[Image: Camera phone photo of Alex’s Ba-Con badge, which has her name printed on it.  On the right, there is a comic self-portrait drawn on it.]

So I guess drawing on my badge (when there’s room) is my thing now.


[Image: A screencap of an askbox message reading:

Anonymous asked [The Mighty Thor]:

I have been badgered about my weight constantly, by my mother, my friends, even fellow employees. I am happy as I am though. I am healthy and feel good. They just want me to be thinner. Are they right though? Would I be able to get further in life if I were thinner?]


Why, you have answered your own inquiry, Greyface!

If you are content with your appearance, content as you are — then these people who seek to change you have no ground to stand upon. It does not make the slightest lick of sense that they are so eager to change you, when they are not the ones looking into the mirror!

Remain steadfast in your resolve to remain as you are, young one. None have the right to dictate how you might live your life! For, their wishes are irrelevant when compared to your wishes about your own body.

The only possible way to truly walk further down life’s path is to be happy with yourself, in the end.

[Image: A looping animated GIF of Thor in profile, chuckling and smiling.]




[Image: A photograph of a woman cosplaying as Korra on a sunny beach.  Her bare back is covered in a large henna tattoo, and she’s walking away from the camera towards the water while in the motion of removing her fur-trimmed buckskin from her waist.  Her shirt and armbands are already discarded on the sand in the foreground.]


Early morning swim <3

I fell completely in love with this water tribe tattoo design and 2 layers of henna (about 4 hours total) later, it’s mine for the summer! Yay!

Oh my.