Check out this week’s issue of Columbus Alive! There’s an interview with yours truly, as well as five more local cartoonists. :D You can read the articles online at columbusalive.com too. #columbus #comics #asseenincolumbus #614 #columbusalive





Our second Big Comic Show is Saturday, May 9: more than 30 comic creators from the Columbus area and beyond will be displaying their work, with comics available for sale and signing (plus a couple of workshops for aspiring comic creators). If you’re in town that weekend, don’t miss out! 

To celebrate, we’re reblogging our starter guide for Comics for Adults Who Don’t Read Comics: here are 19 awesome series to try!

And get more comic recommendations on our Capes, Cowls, and Tights Pinterest Board

Love this!  And of course, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day at your friendly local comics shop – a great way to get introduced to some fun reads.

A smidge of self-promotion: You can hear me talk about this year’s free selection with comix guru Glen Weldon and the rest of the fine folks of Pop Culture Happy Hour on this week’s installment, posting Friday!  I can particularly recommend, of course, the Doctor Who book, along with Hip-Hop Family Tree and the double issue of Step Aside Pops and SuperMutant Magic Academy.

(Also, MASSIVELY seconding the recommendations for Saga, Rat Queens and Sex Criminals – if you’re not a comics fan, and you decide to take the plunge and read one book, let it be Saga!)

– Petra


We just love it when Petra & co. over at nprbooks reblogs our stuff.  It leaves us all warm and happy.

I’m going to be at this! :D




These Tiny Paintings For Ants Will Make Your Heart Sing

Artists on Tumblr

Artist Lorraine Loots, 29, is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and she makes paintings for ants.

Her series 365 Paintings for Ants started as a side project after Loots took a business course for
artists and decided she didn’t want to pursue that career anymore.

But she still wanted to paint, so she allotted herself an hour a day
to do so. Since the only thing she could finish in that time was a
miniature, the idea spawned.