okay social justice wario is indeed the best blog on this site



Okay, at first, I didn’t like him. The oppressed white male alert klaxon went off in my head, constantly telling myself that I had it just as rough as everyone else, this person should not even be talking, yadda blahblahblahblah

But then, something clicks. Like a switch. And then, late one night, I come to a conclusion.

It’s Wario.

It’s just fucking Wario.

And that’s the best part of the whole thing. The sheer audacity and vulgarity of the portly plumber, but with social justice flavouring. The whole idea, maybe just a misspelling gone wrong, has evolved into one of the most popular blogs on tumblr, and for many a good reason.

SJW is this fucking bullet train of wake-up calls, barrelling into the internet at 120 mph, with no intention of stopping. 

And the reactions! Oh good god. There’s this whole LEGION of people who are dedicated to invent persecution to spite SJW. Nearly an entire subreddit has been filled with endless negative dissections of SJW’s posts. People have made MORE tumblrs for the exact purpose of insulting this one blog. 

And that’s what I love about it. Think about it. Wario (in the games) has lost several times. He’s lost in the intros, matchups, popularity polls, etc. And now it’s Wario’s turn to win. He even says it once a page. It’s almost a story of it’s own.image

TL;DR: Social Justice Wario is the greatest blog on this site.