What I Need to Do


(Posted at Kickstarter)

Here we are, folks. Eight days left, $3085 to raise. It’s not impossible, and I think it can happen, so please please PLEASE keep on pushing this project.

I thought what I would do for this update is to show you just exactly what work needs to go into finishing the book. This is a checklist that I made for myself, but it’s a good way to bring you all in on the amount of work I have to do.

Book Two Checklist

Strips to clean up, color, and format: 
•100 •101 •102 •103 •104 •105 •106 •107 •108 •109 •110 •111 •112 •113 •114 •115 •116 •117 •118 •119 •120 •121 •122 •123 •124 •125 •126 •127

Color cover  

Design inner cover page  

Design back cover  

Sift through and decide which sketches to use at the end  

Extra artwork/other extra(s)?  

Do up commentaries for each strip  

Write introduction  

Write “About this book”  

Write up title page  

Layout pages  

Send to printer  

Review proof

Finalize and order books

Everyone check out Pete’s Kickstarter! <3