la la la…

My post with one of the pictures from The Athlete totally went viral!  That’s pretty awesome, and I’m really glad that the picture resonated with so many other people. ^_^ Getting reblogged by some of the bigger fat-positive tumblrs probably didn’t hurt, either.

Though I kind of wish I’d said something a little more profound, what with all the reblogs…  Oh well!

I’ve been quite busy working on Alex’s Guide, as well as starting concepts for a potential new longform comic based on the stories I made when I was an early teenager.  More fatshion art will come when I’ve had opportunity to put together and wear some more fabulous outfits… :D

If you’re in the Columbus area this weekend, I’ll be in the Artist Alley at Ohayocon, Ohio’s largest anime convention!

Athletic Body Diversity Reference for Artists.

Athletic Body Diversity Reference for Artists.