Now I’m freeeeee as a biiiiiiiiird

After my pre- and post-Black Friday sprints at work, I now have a mid-week-weekend of three nights off in a row! ^_^  My joints certainly feel like they’ve earned it.  I worked a few full backroom shifts, and with all that ladder climbing while holding heavy boxes, it’s definitely the most physically demanding task in the store.  It also tends to me the most monotonous, too.  Time can really drag!

But I’m VERY happy that over the last couple weeks, bit by bit, I’ve now got a rough feel for what I’m going to do for issue #1 of The Hues.  There are lots of worldbuilding details I still need to flesh out first, which will entail some research of various apocalypse scenarios.  (Mostly, this is a good excuse/oppurtunity to watch Life After People.)

I’ve been reading Codename: Sailor V over the last week or two as well, and I found that there’s a pretty shockingly fat-shaming chapter in the second volume!  I might devote a whole post about this chapter later on, but basically, an enemy of Sailor V gets the civilian population addicted to “Rainbow Chocolate,” which makes everyone gain weight.  Then, in order to suck out their energy for their evil nefarious purposes, they advertise a weight-loss spa that really just tricks people into thinking they’re getting thinner by using funhouse mirrors.

Oh, Naoko-sama.  I heart you, but I hope your views on the fatties have matured a bit since the early 90s.  ^_^;;

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