[Image description: Brendan and Coach McGuirk from the animated series “Home Movies,” sitting on a bench at the soccer field.  Image found here.]

I decided it was time for another Home Movies marathon.  I do this a couple times a year anyway, since it’s one of my favorite shows ever, but I first saw the final season about five years ago exactly, during the fall quarter before I started dating Chris.  So I like to do this around this time of year anyway, just as a personal tradition.

The evolution of the show from season to season is very interesting, and I think it echoes the evolution of many webcomics.  I adore the commentaries that the creators of this show recorded for the DVDs, too, and they’re so entertaining that they’ve really spoiled me when it comes to commentaries for other shows I own on DVD.  (Dollhouse, I’m lookin’ at you.  Only 5 commentaries out of 27 episodes.)

And suddenly I’ve remembered that Loren Bouchard is now running a new show on Fox, Bob’s Burgers.  We caught an episode of it a few months ago by accident, and I meant to check it out on Hulu, but never did!  I must make myself a reminder to watch that at some point.

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