I just. I don’t like this view of “millennials vs Gen Z”. This is NOT supposed to be a competition of who got fucked over the most and who’s “actually fighting back”.

Millennials are fighting back just by surviving in a job market where the minimum wage doesn’t cover the living cost. Millennials are awesome at “killing” the diamond, golfing and napkins industries. Millennials are using the internet to make sure things that corporations want to keep in the dark are exposed. They’re open LGBTQIA-friendly business, they’re supporting each other with online donations so everyone can survive this shitty economy.

And the Gen Z kids? The Gen Z kids are rad. I remember a post about something like the millennials making a collective promise to never become a disenchanted generation that only criticizes the next one and I want to point out that this “millennials vs gen z” trend is trying to do exactly that: split us apart. Prevent millennials from being the older siblings that teach the younger siblings to throw a good punch and turn them into the annoyed adult complaining about “those kids” on their lawn. We are the two groups that grew in a connected world of information. We are two very unique generations.

I think that it’s our duty for us millennials, as a disrespected, underpaid, very angry generation to stand up by our younger siblings, and fight together the oppressive systems that brought us all to this point.

They’re trying very hard to pit Millennials and Gen Z against each other because I honestly think they’re terrified of what the two will accomplish together.

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As I said, fuck it up kids.

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February 23 at 3:51pm


GenX, circa 1990: Shit, organizing is hard work. My parents just want me to study and ‘get a good job’ like they did, and I can’t get my message out beyond these zines I keep leaving at the coffee shop. 300 people at a protest is a big deal. *studies developing tech, starts building communication and information exchange platforms, settles down to a day job but doesn’t stop trying to change the world, takes up blogging. Eventually figures out self-care*

Millennials, circa 2001: OK, there’s got to be a better way to communicate and network to organise. Emailing everyone is just so damned tedious, and I can’t really share blogs . I try to talk to my family about what’s important, and they’re busy with their own shit. *works on developing social media, builds more collaborative communities, gets into encrypted apps and communication platforms. Can’t get day jobs in field, so ends up in high-turnover employment like teaching*

GenZ: This shit can’t stand. OK, everyone, put the word out on social media that we’re walking out of class to protest. Start making videos and putting them out there. We have shit to say.

Millenials respond: We have spent the last decade becoming strong and active voices for justice and activism. Now we have millions of followers and we’ll amplify you and support you.

GenX responds: A lot of us are your parents. We raised you on a steady diet of hero and heroine stories about faith and perseverance, and many of us never gave up our quiet rage. We’ll pack you a lunch, make sure you’re wearing good shoes for the protest, and remind you to wear sunscreen and not to use swears in news interviews.

There’s not a contest between the generations for who the ‘real activists’ and the ‘real voices for justice’ are.

We’ve been waiting for you, kids. Not to save us. To join us. ]

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