Mayor Cuts Down Man’s 30-Year-Old Majestic Tree, His Revenge Is Awesome






This is one of the best stories we read in a long time. An arborist AKA a tree caretaker and tree surgeon from Redondo Beach, California had to watch the death of one of his favorite trees, which was ordered by the mayor. Although he lost a great battle, he won the war. Find out how he avenged the death of his 30-year-old pepper tree named Clyde.

His story was recently shared online and has already been shared over 150k times. RIP Clyde.

Credits: GoblinsStoleMyHouse

fuck yes

Real direct action

The most solarpunk of solarpunks

this is the BEST story EVER




Types of people you meet at art school. Tag urself im coffee

I love Ringling tbqh

Hi so I’m the “dream girl” from this post and I just want to let everyone know that the artist used REAL people from our school without permission, these are actual depictions of other REAL freshman WHO DON’T EVEN K N O W HER. I don’t identify as a girl, but that’s not the only thing that makes me incredibly uncomfortable, it’s the attention to detail while in the same breath saying in this post that this isn’t me or any of my other friends:


This is such a backpedaling lie because there isn’t another person who likes like me on campus- it’s a small tiny private college EVERYONE knows each other- everyone has been showing this post to me, and again this was posted without anyone’s knowledge who was used. 

ALSO I AM IN HER FILM CLASS AND I DON’T IDENTIFY AS A GIRL that was made up. there isn’t a single other person who that can be. More proof:


I was going to let go the fact that I was misgendered because she doesn’t KNOW me. But then in her other post she then decided to lie about it instead of owning up to her misgendering me- decided to go “yeah someone else who looks similar” I know EVERY black kid on campus I’m the only one with even relatively long hair like this with bangs, even down to my socks and pink shoes. It’s bizarre and I want people who are sharing this to know that it’s viral on our campus and lot’s of people are weirded out as she used REAL PEOPLE for this meme. DON’T make a joke of your classmates, for example I’ve been stalked and I was shaking thinking of writing this and put it off for so long but 14k notes is fucking insane this is viral here. This is insanely obsessive and disrespectful. It would have been another story if she had asked permission, but she decided to make her classmates into a joke assuming they’d all go along with it (even though she didn’t even TELL anyone afterwords, like 10 people have come to me about this and I HATE it). She also changed her username from luxtempetas after being called out by people of this not being acceptable behavior

The artist did NOT ask for permission to use these people. 

Hey fellow artists, don’t do things like this. You are not exempt from obtaining consent for this, even if you think they will never see it.

I can think of at least a few relevant torts Mx. Highjinkx et al would be well within their rights to bring to a court. Right of Publicity immediately comes to mind.

Be good, be smart. The cloud of people around you are not your fodder. Use those storytelling tools and fictionalize, amalgamate, transform. Use your powers for good.