How come period pieces are almost always dramas, anyway? I want to watch a sitcom about a dude in renaissance-era Tuscany trying to get rich quick by scamming the local merchant princes.

I’m still waiting for Amici, the sitcom about Augustan poets…

What I want is a Late Republic legal procedural. The leads are a young, ambitious orator (who probably has a conscience and definitely isn’t Cicero), and his long-suffering secretary who happens to be a genius detective. Together, they mostly fight corrupt provincial governors (provided, of course, that it’s politically advantageous). 

I will consign this if and only if they regularly end up e.g. pulling out all the stops in court to get their client off even though they know he did it–but forging the will protected the honor of a Vestal and restored to his rightful inheritance a younger son who had been unjustly disinherited, so it’s morally justifiable. 

Guys. BLACKADDER. Four seasons, set respectively in the Middle Ages, Elizabethan Era, Regency, and World War I. Brilliant, hilarious, and occasionally poignant.

(I mean, we should have more historical sitcoms for sure. But BLACKADDER.)

This unearthed a buried memory from the days of yore, 1999.

“Thanks“ was a sitcom about early puritans in Boston Plymouth. It lasted 6 episodes and then everyone promptly forgot about it.



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