Thought this may be useful for a few people on here!

This is a new app called ‘Self-help Anxiety Management’ by The University Of West England

SAM has been developed by a university team of Psychologists, computer scientists and student users. It engages established methods of self-help and high standards of usability to provide a engaging, flexible & practical resource.

This app is currently only available for devices using Android.

Just downloaded this, may help control it a bit.

For Ali


I got an iPod touch last fall and have been using this to track my moods for several months now and it’s really been helpful for me.  I tried out a lot of the self-help exercises when I first got the iPod/app, but I haven’t used them all that much since then.

Probably the best part of it (which was an unintentional discovery for me) is that it makes me examine how I’m feeling whenever I log my anxiety; feeling tense vs. worrying vs. avoiding things. (I don’t often have physical symptoms.  Sometimes headaches.)  So it’s been helpful for me to have a time every day (I have a daily reminder set) when I step back to examine how I’m feeling across these three categories.

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