Today the BHH Elf went on an adventure up to New York City to visit his BFF, who, with the help of our friends Aly (whose idea this was) and Rachel, had no idea I was coming until I walked into the weird little pie place here. The look on Kyle’s face was exactly as priceless as I imagined it would be.

Our little circle has been through a hard time. We’ve lost a very dear friend. Our greatest tribute to him is to act on what he always asked us to believe. Spend time with the people you love. Show them you love them. As often as you can. And never take one moment of it for granted.

We love you all and we’re working on a whole lot of great stuff for the near future. Stay tuned, darlings.

—Ven & Kyle

The B stands for BFFs today. BFFs Held High.

Alex Heberling

Alex Heberling here. I own the place.

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