I’m going to TAGfest in Toledo tomorrow!  I’ll be at dealer booth 01, as noted on the map above. :D  I’ll have my usual selection of prints, buttons, sketch cards, and other things, and I’m also going to be promoting my Kickstarter, of course! 

Anyone who backs on the spot (either with the laptop I’ll have with me or their smartphone/tablet/etc.) will get to choose a random free print from the MYSTERY BOX.

Hope to see you there! :D


My retractable banner came today!  IT IS ENORMOUS.  I won’t have to worry about anyone not seeing it if it’s behind my table.

But it all breaks down into a teeny tiny case that’s just 26 inches long, and will supposedly fit inside an airplane carryon! :)

I got it from imPhotoGraphics, and it’s the 24" model on this page.


I’m going to be in the Craft Alley at Independents’ Day this Saturday in Columbus, OH!

I’ll be in booth #61 on Pearl Alley, near the corner of Pearl and Lynn.  I’ll be right next to my fellow Columbus comickers Nix Comics and the all-women comic meetup group Sketch & Kvetch, so I hope you guys can come check out our great local talent.

I’ll have my usual selection of prints, buttons, The Hues ashcans, and I’ll be doing sketch card commissions all day!  Hope to see you there!

PSA: If you are filming as you walk through a convention.

This really applies to everyone you pass by when doing this, but really.  Filming my artwork or taking pictures up close as you browse or walk by WITHOUT ASKING FIRST is a really shitty thing to do and it happened repeatedly over the weekend.  I started speaking up after like the second person. Ask permission before you film or take pictures of things on an artist’s table. (And respect their wishes if they say no or tell you to stop.) We work really fucking hard and it’s incredibly rude.


Some pictures of Madame Le Flour!  We went to two stores looking for party hats at 8:30 AM this morning so the look would be complete.  Chris wore the costume for awhile this morning, but it was kind of hard to breathe on account of his costume being a pillowcase.  So we had the brilliant idea to put the costume on the Big Ear of Corn instead!  The Corn’s first cosplay was pretty brilliant.


Some photos of my TrotCon table!  We’ve rearranged since these were taken, since both our neighbors decided to leave early, so we’re going to expand into the empty space a bit for the last day tomorrow. XD