Otakon AA Question!

Anyone out there purchased empty AA tables at Otakon before?  Interested
to hear experiences, when/what time you got to set up, how many spaces
were open, that sort of thing.  I haven’t been back to Ota since my
first time a few years ago (lottery system woo) but I will have my new
book out when it rolls around THIS year, so I’m wondering if it might be
 worth it to schlep out to Balti and take my chances at snagging a


HEY FOLKS!  I’m getting ready for three back-to-back conventions, which I have dubbed the MIDWEST MADNESS!!!!!!!!! tour.


Anime Central: May 18-20th in Rosemont, IL (Chicago)
Artist Alley table F013

Wiscon: May 23-26th in Madison, WI
Dealer’s Room

TriCon: May 30th in Huntington, WV
Exhibitor Table 62

Hope to see some of you there!  I’M GONNA BE SO TIRED ON JUNE 1ST! 8D


Youmacon post-mortem!

These are some pictures of my Artist Alley table, some various things from the con, and the two sketch card commissions I drew on Sunday.

On Friday, there were a lot of empty tables in the row I was in, and a completed empty block of tables across from me.  So my neighbor and I decided to move across the aisle to the very corner, where there was a lot more foot traffic, and I think that helped a lot. :)  I think Youmacon has a way bigger supply of tables than the demand apparently merits, which is something they could improve next year.

I handed out lots of my cards to folks, most of them Homestucks, since they make it so damn easy to tell that they like webcomics. :D

All in all, it was a pretty good show to close out my year, and I look forward to Ohayocon in January.