not surprised my favorite character (g’kar) mapped onto my OTHER favorite character. I’m setting up the centauri/narn conflict with the silmil and new moon/dead moon/whatever nehellenia’s deal was, respectively.

for the uninitiated, narns are awesome and they are marvels of costume and makeup design that I have ruthlessly prettied up here. my narned-out nehellenia would look very different. :)

more b5 senshi:


a big improvement on season 5, in my opinion.

I realize this might be a bit obtuse if I don’t mention the more obscure characters. byron/umino is a livejournal goth telepath who takes up a lot of season 5 and gets involved with lyta alexander/naru.

honestly, naru gets a great deal out of this, because lyta is awesome.


ignoring the gender politics of the republic, the silver millennium is my stand in for the centauris. chibs is here because I said so, and so she and hotaru get to do the “same time tomorrow?” exchange between lennier and vir.