People don’t like creases in posters! I know that I was taught never to fold art. So I devised a very uh… thrifty… method to prevent such crimes.

This is how I will be mailing my posters via letter-size envelopes. Would anyone be interested in this method? It’s about $18 cheaper than the alternative (mailing tubes).

Also feel free to try this out because I think it could be helpful to many.

Oh, and if there are concerns about me taping to the printed side, it is actually easier to peel off the tape from the oil-based ink. :)

I think I’m going to use this method for my prints because I tried it and just sat on it and it withstood the force of my butt.

This is fantastic.

Canada Post charges over $20 to ship a poster tube to the States.  Joodlez, your contributions to society will not go unrecognized.

I might actually start doing prints again

This method may greatly depend on what kind of paper your prints are made with.  I tried it out on a blank sheet of my poster stock, and while it certainly didn’t crease, it did leave a dent when I pressed down on the tube.


I also think there’s a step missing here?  What’s this about double-sided tape?  Because I don’t think I want tape sticking to the surface of my print. :(




Have you ever wanted to have dinner with LeVar Burton? Or maybe try on his Star Trek visor? Also wanna help kids all over the world read and learn cool things? WELL NOW YOU CAN!

LeVar Burton— my dad— has started a new kickstarter (click the link) to fund his awesome Reading Rainbow app. The prizes are really cool and involve people like Patrick Stewart and Laurence Fishburne!

If you can donate 5 dollars, please do. If you can afford more, you rock. If you can’t, please signal boost to do your part!

We’re counting on you, Tubmlr— the community of nerds and awesome people.

This is way better than my approach to improve literacy.

Go fund this! And even if you don’t/can’t, reblog to get the word out!

Y’all need to watch the video. For srs.



HEY FOLKS!  I’m getting ready for three back-to-back conventions, which I have dubbed the MIDWEST MADNESS!!!!!!!!! tour.


Anime Central: May 18-20th in Rosemont, IL (Chicago)
Artist Alley table F013

Wiscon: May 23-26th in Madison, WI
Dealer’s Room

TriCon: May 30th in Huntington, WV
Exhibitor Table 62

Hope to see some of you there!  I’M GONNA BE SO TIRED ON JUNE 1ST! 8D

THE FINAL LEG of this con tour is this weekend!  Come out to Huntington, WV and see me at TriCon!