Here’s that preview I promised! We’ve received numerous requests for a Luna Pen.  So we have been experimenting and this is what we have come up with thus far.

A huge, super sparkly Swarovski crystal sits at the top of the pen! I’m really obsessed with incorporating Swarovski into every design ^___^ Right now the pen is a regular uncapped pen, but we’d really like to implement a twist mechanism (so the ink is retractable). However, we are a little stuck on this part. If anyone has any cost effective suggestions for implementing a twist mechanism we would really appreciate your input!

And just a reminder, yesterday we restocked Crisis Compacts, Cosmic Hearts, Eternal necklaces and started accepting pre-orders for our sterling silver Garnet orb


Rip in peace, Alex, who died from sparkle overload.



Update! In which characters pull grumpy faces.

Back from hiatus finally, after a lot of hustling, which is good since this is just in time for Red Moon Rising’s five year anniversary holyy craaap I feel old.

mfw I realised last week I was about to run an ugly big hiatus right through RMR’s fifth birthday

Anyway, cheers to anyone who’s been reading along for the last 330 pages, to new readers and old alike! You guys are the best!

I remember when your webcomic was just a ploy to get some baconnaise and now it’s all grown up! Sniff sniff.

(FREE) Inking Brushes for Manga Studio 5

(FREE) Inking Brushes for Manga Studio 5