[Image: A woman with old-timey leather and metal boxing gloves resting on a stool with a bucket on the floor next to her, which looks like it was used to mop up her bloody nose. ]


Here’s an old-timey fantasticalish boxing champ by Richard Lyons.

Fully owning up to being outside the purview of “reasonable armor” but I find it a compelling and powerful portrait.


[Image: An illustration of a female warrior in leather armor in a tavern, backlight by a fireplace.  There are streaks of soot on her face, and she holds a hammer in one hand while brandishing a knife at the viewer.]


“You wanna come into MY forge and get all up in MY face?”

by Jason Chan for Bioware.

I haven’t played Dragon Age. I’m sure it’s awesome, I just suck at roleplaying games that aren’t of the shaking-a-handful-of-dice variety.




“Good morning New York. I’m sorry to bother you. I’m not hungry. I do not want food or money, I just need a little support. I got dumped last week and I’m trying to give her space but I can’t do nothing. If you have any words of advice for me, a quote that resonates with you or a story about second chances, please raise your hand and I’ll come to you. I have sharpie markers and I’ll stay as long as it takes.”



I normally do not reblog this kind of shit, but for any dude that has ever been dumped, still in love and desperately tried to win her heart back, no matter the circumstance…this is legit shit. And do not give me that bullshit “dude, if she dumped you she obviously doesnt want to be with you, just get over it, you pathetic asshole”…First of all, fuck you. Second of all, fuck you.

Your comments are the epitome of rape culture and everything that is wrong with concept of friend-zoning. Fuck you. Like actually fuck you, you entitled piece of shit. Women owe you NOTHING. Women do know what they want, and if they dump you it IS because they don’t want to be with you. Stop perpetuating the sexist assumption that women don’t know their own mind. No means no, and any other interpretation is rape culture at work. You and your commentary can actually fuck off. 

As for the OP: I’m speechless. “I’m trying to give her space, but I’m walking around with her face on a sandwich board and I’m convincing everyone that she’s the horrible person here and I’m so unfairly victimised.” Cool story, bro. Tell me more about how you’re irresistible and why everyone should want to be with you.

Reblogging to add: behaviours like this become even more terrifying when you consider that the riskiest time in a woman’s life is when she breaks up with a male partner (in that she is significantly more likely to be murdered than at any other point in her life). Too often that partner perceives the break up as a challenge to their authority/masculinity and take drastic action to either a) get them back or b) stop anyone else from having them either. That – in addition to the rapey/entitled undertones – is what makes this dude’s actions so fucking terrifying. 

Thanks for nothing, horrifying romantic comedies.


Comics and the Human Body: April 28th in Dearborn


FPA Moderators Megan Rose Gedris and Alex Heberling will be at Penguicon in Dearborn, Michigan on Saturday, April 28th, giving a talk called “Comics and the Human Body.” Comics are notorious for some pretty atrocious art when it comes to body types, but that’s just the surface, and there’s a wide range of creators drawing a wide range of body types. Come hear us talk about the very very good and the very very bad when it comes to bodies in comics. We’ll also be doing some quick tutorials on some different body types.

And please reblog this with good examples (both really good and really bad) that you think we should discuss!

If there’s interest, I’ll get into my skivvies for a real life fleshy fat demonstration!


[A photo of a lady-presenting person in a purple flowered tank top and jeans, sitting on a park bench looking off to the right.]


One of my friends took photos of me and my boyfriend the other day, this is one of my favorite photos from the shoot.

Currently a US size 22/24

OMG!  We’re body buddies.  I’m shaped very similarly to this. <3